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What is Syntropic Farming?

What is Syntropic Agriculture?

The question “what is Syntropic Agriculture?”, is perhaps one of the most asked in today’s regenerative agriculture scene.  But, in my understanding, answers to it often provide an incomplete picture. Usually focusing on its techniques and concepts (i.e. succession, stratification, selective weeding, systems of accumulation, etc.) rather than on its essence – Human(s) interaction with nature.

Syntropic Farming Podcast - Beaming Green

Syntropic Agriculture Podcast...

Beaming Green

Jeremy Melder from Beaming Green has interviewed Victor Pires in this fun and informative introductory session on Syntropic Farming...

What is Syntropic Farming?

Syntropic Agriculture WorldView and Conceptual Framework

Since the release of the short documentary "Life in Syntropy", syntropic farming has received a lot of well deserved attention regarding its potential for regeneration and food production in an economically viable manner. In just a few years, its nomenclature like stratification, placenta, pulsing, etc. has become common words within the regenerative agriculture community.


However, while its practices seem to be travelling across the globe, its foundational principles and overarching philosophy, that is, what anchors those practices, have not. And as a result, early adopters have struggled to make their own decisions, and have to rely on "experts" to tell them what they should do, or what is happening on their land...

Syntropic Agriculture Podcast

Syntropic Agriculture Podcast II... Beaming Green

​I had another great chat with Jeremy Melder to celebrate his 20th Episode...these are places where our conversation went:

  • how important it is to understand your land;
  • what you can do to improve soil conditions;
  • what successional planting is, how to manage it and what the benefits are;
  • why having a plan for planting, harvesting and beyond is vital;
  • why there is a growing interest Syntropic agriculture around the world; and
  • what content and format his new Syntropic Gardener, launching over Easter will take.

Hope you enjoy it

Syntropic Agriculture Podcast Year of Plenty

Syntropic Agriculture Podcast...

Year of Plenty Podcast

A very enjoyable and informative conversation with Poldi and his quirk podcast. 


Here are some of the things we talked about:

  • Victors background into environmental science and sustainable food systems
  • What is Syntropic Farming? How did it get started?
  • Syntropy vs Entropy and how it fits into natural cycles
  • How Syntropic farming regenerates soil
  • How you can apply syntropic principles in your garden
  • Victor’s favourite traditional Brazilian food recipe

Hope you enjoy it

Economics of Patience in Regenerative Agriculture

Economics of Patience in Regenerative Agriculture

The quest to make regenerative agriculture economically viable is noble. One that would help continue our culture towards reconciliation with our Mother and all of its beings, providing an exciting pathway for the enthusiastic new generations while also supporting our elder farmers to transition towards a peaceful relationship with their land. Although urgent in nature, I would like to suggest that the patient pathway might be the most economically viable one…

Improving Syntropic Agriculture Education

Can we Improve Syntropic Agriculture Education?

We must approach our current problems with a different mindset to the one that has created it. Thus, our education must plant the seeds of this new mindset, so it can grow to become the creator of new solutions.


Syntropic agriculture education is no different, but for many years I have experienced and witnessed an educational approach that is failing us...