Holistic Agroforestry Apprenticeship

Our Students Experiences...

Kalki Gleeson

Your course is the coolest thing I’ve done with my adult life. It was truly grounding, and I am really enjoying playing in my garden and trying out different plants and learning to observe and really see so much more.

Brad Curtis

This course was exceptional. Victor preaches what he practices. He has established a stunning array of Syntropic systems on his property which he has used to further his theoretical and practical understanding of this agroforestry method. His teaching method and experience provide a concise, clear demonstration of Syntropic Agriculture and will give any practitioner the skills, confidence and knowledge to start their own system. 

Joshua Lamont

Victor is a hidden gem at the fore front of the syntropic culture movement in Australia. He's one of the greatest minds I've been witness to in my life. I highly recommend if it's possible for you to do so, to witness his language and outlook. Being around Victor has given me a lot of content to work with as I further put together my own understandings, to witness my own experience. I hope the east coast is ready for Victor, because he is a beacon to a long bridge in moving forward to a unified state of being