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Welcome fellow Human Being

Syntropic Agriculture Australia

This is our first point of contact, where you are able to find out a little bit about me and the services that I offer.


I try to keep things simple, informative and to do the point... but please contact me ( if you have any questions.


I've been studying, researching, practicing, sharing and being deeply immersed into Syntropic Agriculture for the past 5 years and I have been actively involved with environmental and food production matters for over two decades (academically and practically).


Together with a friend (Thiago Barbosa), we've brought Syntropic Agriculture to Australia in April 2017 and since them I've have put all my attention and resources towards understanding these powerful systems.


My experiences have thought me that regenerative food production is the most humbling and necessary of human activities, one that put us in direct contact with Mother Earth and allow us to feel connected, responsible and free. It also allow us to fulfil our role as stewards of the Earth and apply our creative capacities not only towards its restoration but also to conduct the Natural World to a place that it cannot reach by itself.


The more I observe my and other's relationship with the Natural World through different regenerative practices, the clearer it is to me that the most appropriate pathway to success (ecologically, economically and emotionally) is an individual one. A pathway navigated and crafted by you and in accordance with your specific context (climate, land, resources, skills, goals, etc...).

My approach to syntropic agriculture education is: 


  • Individualised: All my educational services are designed and delivered to provide an individualised experience, where participants are heard, encouraged and empowered to find answers to their own questions.
  • Holistic: My role is to facilitate a process that makes you aware and curious to know more about numerous variables that you must take into consideration when embarking and navigating on this journey - so you can make approximately right decisions!!
  • Enthusiastic: I am deeply passionate about regenerative food production and I will do my best to translate my enthusiasm about it. The regenerative journey is certainly not a short and sweet one... and enthusiasm plays a vital role to ensuring our longevity... - slow, smiley and steady!!!
  • Focused: There are two key areas (or questions) that we must keep our focus on - 1) where are you now (current reality)?; 2) Where do you want to be in the future (future reality)? By understanding these two positions in time and space, you are able to craft a potential bridge that is fully aligned with your context and that keeps you on track, but also flexible to adapt as your reality changes (and do not follow your perfect plan :)).


Feel free to explore and let me know if I can be of any help,


All the best,


Much love,


Victor Pires

Syntropic Agriculture Education

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Our Students Experiences...

Kalki Gleeson

Your course is the coolest thing I’ve done with my adult life. It was truly grounding, and I am really enjoying playing in my garden and trying out different plants and learning to observe and really see so much more.

Brad Curtis

This course was exceptional. Victor preaches what he practices. He has established a stunning array of Syntropic systems on his property which he has used to further his theoretical and practical understanding of this agroforestry method. His teaching method and experience provide a concise, clear demonstration of Syntropic Agriculture and will give any practitioner the skills, confidence and knowledge to start their own system. 

Joshua Lamont

Victor is a hidden gem at the fore front of the syntropic culture movement in Australia. He's one of the greatest minds I've been witness to in my life. I highly recommend if it's possible for you to do so, to witness his language and outlook. Being around Victor has given me a lot of content to work with as I further put together my own understandings, to witness my own experience. I hope the east coast is ready for Victor, because he is a beacon to a long bridge in moving forward to a unified state of being

Syntropic Agriculture Australia

Syntropic Agriculture Australia

Meet Vic


"Syntropic Agriculture allows humans to be humans and fulfil their true functions on the planet while being free to choose their own pathways"

Hello and thanks for your interest,


My name is Victor Pires and I am just another drop in the ocean of humanity, but I believe I have a function to fulfil...


Education is my passion (both learning and teaching), growing food is my responsibility (as an adult) and regenerating the Earth is my duty (as a human being)!


I am an experienced Syntropic Gardener who is passionate about guiding others through the theories and practices of regenerative food production. I aspire to help families and communities to be enthusiastic, knowledgeable and competent to interact with nature and ensure that high quality food is brought to the table in a harmonious and continual basis.

It will be a delight to cross pathways with you … when you are ready!!





Uki (Tweed Shire),

NSW, Australia

(61) 0431 394 756

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It will be a delight to cross pathways with you … when you are ready!!





Uki (Tweed Shire),

NSW, Australia

(61) 0431 394 756

Copyright © 2020 Victor Pires All rights reserved.